Japanese School Fete October 2016

Enjoyed great food and company at the annual Sydney Japanese International School fete at Terrey Hills. Thank you Chihiro-san, Tae-san and Fumi-san for supporting us on the day.



Please leave Saturday the 29th October 2016 free for the annual Japanese fete, at Sydney Japanese International School at Terrey Hills.


Funky Balmain Businesses

Funky Balmain Businesses

Where's Wally er...Rocky?

We have an Eastern Rozella called Rocky who has been in the family for 18 years. He usually sits on top of his cage and gets quite grumpy if he is not allowed to roam around.

Yesterday afternoon, he was outside on the walkway and I was replacing his feed and water. I should have known better as he pushes the door open if it is not locked properly. When I came back, he was outside on the top of his cage enjoying the sunshine. Trying to catch him to put him back inside, he decided life on the outside was better and flew upwards.

He disappeared very quickly and we were unable to find him. As he can't fly very far ( or so we thought ), we mainly looked on our roof and in our neighbour's back yard. Every now and then I could hear a faint whistle.

That night was the longest ever. The family were up early the next morning whistling throughout the neighbourhood. I thought I found him in the street about 5 houses away although we couldn't see him, we could hear his whistle but he was too high up to use a normal ladder.

My husband suggested the fire brigade but I didn't want to call them as it wasn't an emergency. I wasn't sure if it was only on TV where you saw firemen bring cats down from trees. How could they get a bird down?

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