Shuki - Potters from Kyoto - June 2017

Please book online for our Shuki and pottery sale


Kimono Salon March 2017

Tae Gessner dressed a lovely couple for her Kimono Salon today. For more photos please visit our Kimono Salon Gallery.


Calligraphy Workshop February 2017

Ren Yano's  Calligraphy workshop for February. For more photos please visit our Calligraphy and Hanko Workshop Gallery.


Shojin Ryori Workshop February 2017

Sumi Saikawa presented her Shojin Ryori workshop today. Please visit our Shoji Ryori Gallery to to see more photos.


Temari Workshop December 2016

Chihiro Kownacki presented her Temari workshop today and the theme was "Christmas Ornaments" to decorate your tree with a Japanese twist. For more photos please visit our Temari Workshop Gallery.


Furoshiki Workshop December 2016

Yoshie Kumagai presented her versatile Furoshiki workshop at Gojyuan today. For more photos please visit our Furoshiki Workshop Gallery.


Origami Workshop December 2016

Midori Furze presented her creative origami workshop at Gojyuan today. Today's theme was Christmas decorations. For more photos please visit our Origami Workshop Gallery.


Gift Wrapping Workshop November 2016

Yoshie Kumagai's theme for this month's workshop was Christmas. For more photos please visit our Gift Wrapping Gallery.


Sharks Ito En Channel 10 News

At Ryokan Gojyuan

Our 3rd Birthday - A Little Bit of Japan in Balmain

We will be wearing traditional clothing, so have some fun and dress up in your kimono, yukata or hakama. We would like you to remove your shoes before stepping up onto the wooden floor. If you prefer not to use our slippers, please bring some socks.

Would love to see you on our open day.


Gojyuan Video by Rio Hikichi

Ryokan Gojyuan

QP Honey at Hinamatsurii

Celebrating Hinamatsuri ( Girls Day ) with QP Honey


Ume Blossoms

Ume  (Prunus mume) - such a versatile tree - it is beautiful to look at, smells divine and produces amazing fruit that are used in two of my favourite indulgences - umeshu and umeboshi.

Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liquor that is made from unripe fruit that is steeped in Shochu and sugar.

Umeboshi (梅干) are pickled ume fruit.


Definitely a workshop in the making.

New Tatami Chairs

Adam's Tea Ceremony Class is very popular but can be hard on the knees when sitting in seiza ( 正座, literally "proper sitting" ) for several hours.

We have purchased 4 tatami chairs to assist those who need extra support - myself included.

Public Open Day - A Little Bit of Japan in Balmain

Our long journey is over and we can now look forward to sharing our open day with our family and friends who have been supporting us throughout our renovations.


We will be wearing traditional clothing, so have some fun and dress up in your yukata or hakama. We would like you to remove your shoes before stepping up onto the wooden floor. If you prefer not to use our slippers, please bring some socks.

Adam Wojcinski is head of the Australian Chapter of Ueda Sōko Ryū and will be performing the Samurai Tea Ceremony throughout the day in one of our guest rooms.

Yukiko Hirano who provides the delicate wagashi for Gojyuan will be promoting her business J Studio. You can dress up in kimono or yukata and have your photograph taken. Her next wagashi workshop is on Saturday 7th September.

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More ceramics from Japan

Adam Wojcinski who holds our regular Samurai Tea Ceremony workshops and classes recently returned to Japan to support one of his students who was progressing to the next level.

He was also visiting our mutual friend Katayama-san from Ukishirogama.

I had asked Adam to purchase some ceramics for Gojyuan and I was very happy to receive this shipment yesterday. Thank you Adam, you understand my preference in ceramics completely.

More photos of our recent shipment from Japan.

Go-Shu Sake and Umeshu

Thank you Go-Shu for the tokkuri, choko, sake and umeshu samples.

We are very partial to umeshu here at Gojyuan and are looking forward to enjoying these gifts.

We are hoping to use their Kagami Biraki kit ( Sake Ceremony ) at our formal opening event.

Origami Workshop for May

In this month's origami workshop, Yoshie will be demonstrating three items. She will show you how to make a beautiful business card holder. 

A cute kaleidoscope. Please see our Facebook Page for a video.

And some small boxes for those tricky items that we all lose.

Please see our workshop calendar for booking details.

We hope you will be able to join us.

Kashiwa Mochi

Kashiwa Mochi is traditionally eaten during the celebrations for Children's Day in Japan on 5th May each year.

It is a rice cake filled with a sweet red bean paste and wrapped in an oak leaf. Oak trees do not shed old leaves until the new leaves grow so they are seen as a symbol of a harmonious flow from one generation to the next and the prosperity of one's descendants.

A very good reason to enjoy Kashiwa Mochi.

Kodomo no hi

5th May is Children's Day in Japan. It is a national holiday and part of the Golden Week celebrations.  

Children's Day was originally known as Tango no Sekku  usually translated as Boy's Day but officially changed in 1948 to celebrate the healthy growth of both girls and boys.  Traditions associated with this festival date back to its association with boys, and include symbols of strength - particularly carp, samurai and oak leaves.


Inside the house, families with boys display samurai dolls or a traditional helmet called kabuto, and fly koi no dori (carp streamers) outside the house.

 The kabuto are thought to drive away bad spirits and celebrate the future of their sons. 

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