Woodwork Classes - The London Eye

I have always had an interest in timber and woodworking. Dad is a carpenter and had a good shed at the back of the house and I was facinated with the tools and gadgets as a child. He had a pit underneath the car area and there is family folk lore of me sitting in a cane chair on the bench and falling off straight down the pit. I don't think it did me much harm although my family might say differently.

Students in Workshop
Over the last 12-18 months I have been attending a fine woodworking course with Richard Crosland at his Alexandria workshop. He holds classes Monday to Thursdays and Saturday and there are about 8 students in each class. We have our own bench and work on individual projects

Students in WorkshopIf you have a project in mind, then this is definitely the class to consider. Richard gives personal attention to each member of the class and manages to keep track of each person's progress. Our fellow students come from a variety of backgrounds and there are many who have been with Richard for over 20 years.

The London Eye

This month Richard had a piece in Design+Wood 2007 at the Depot Gallery at 2 Danks Street Waterloo. It is the London Eye the worlds tallest observation wheel.

Work in Progress

He started in December, 2006 and documented each stage of the project. The main piece was done in 4 quadrants and then glued together.

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