Our bath house is located beside the koi pond and overlooks a private garden.

It was purposely built for Gojyuan by a Japanese company called Hinoki Soken in Nakatsugawa (Gifu Prefecture). Hinoki is a Japanese Cypress, native to Central Japan and is much revered for its smell, straight grain and soft touch. We were very fortunate to visit the factory in the Kiso valley in April 2012.

To make your experience more relaxing, there is also a music system in our bath house and you can listen to Japanese traditional music.

Etiquette for Japanese Bathing

Japanese baths are for soaking and relaxing - not cleaning the body.

The first step is to thoroughly clean your body and this is done outside of the bath tub. Stools are provided to wash while seated, but if you prefer, the shower arm is adjustable and can be used standing up.

It is very important that you rinse off all soap and shampoo before stepping into the bath tub for a nice, relaxing soak. Please do not put cloths or buckets in the bath.

Some people are used to taking showers in the morning and our guest bathrooms do have their own showers, but it is a wonderful feeling to soak in a nice hot bath and relax your muscles at the end of the day.

A slatted hinoki cover is placed over the bath when not in use to maintain the water temperature and to prevent evaporation. The water from our bath is pumped through a sanitation, filtration and heating system.

Please do not enter our bath if you have open wounds, infection or bleeding