At Ryokan Gojyuan we hope to promote Japanese craft and culture.

We have workshops in furoshiki, gift wrapping, origami, calligraphy, wagashi and the tea ceremony. On our list is ikebana, traditional dancing and demonstrations in bonsai.

I am also interested in paper and fabric craft, so we may have get togethers with like minded people. (Teachers would be better, so if anyone has a special interest or skill, please contact us.)

Our ryokan will also be a place where you may practice your language skills. Japanese people wishing to practice their English may socialise and converse with Japanese language students.

We follow the etiquette of the Japanese ryokan, so you will be required to remove your shoes at the front entrance. If you do not wish to use our slippers, you may leave your socks on.

Japanese tea will be served during the workshop.


Workshops will cater for a limited number of students. Bookings may be done online and payment must be made prior to attendance. If no payment is received within 3 days of booking, we will assume you no longer wish to attend the workshop and the position will be made available to another student. If the workshop is booked out, you will be placed on a waiting list and be given the first available booking.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

Please see our general canellation for details.