We are very pleased to provide a venue where you may learn about Japanese Traditional Kimonos and how to dress up and wear them in the correct way.

Tae Gessner has a long history with Kimono. Her mother owned a Kimono shop in Nagoya and she learnt about Kimonos from a very young age. She graduated from a Kimono College and also worked for a Kimono wholesaler in Japan. Together with her mother, she also used to do fitting Kimonos for Karaoke shows, Kimono shows and Nihon Buyou backstage.

You can bring your own Kimono and ask some questions about it or get some tips for dressing up. If you don’t have a Kimono, you can borrow one and experience wearing it here at Gojyuan in our guest rooms.

Please bring your camera so you can have beautiful Kimono shots with our ryokan background.

At the end of the workshop, Japanese green tea and wagashi will be enjoyed by everyone.

Please let us know if you would like to borrow a Kimono in advance.

It will be a fantastic experience to wear Japanese Traditional Kimono and take photos!! Ask your friends to join the workshop with you!