Kintsugi Accessories

Kintsugi is the unique and ancient Japanese art of repairing broken, chipped and cracked pottery.

In this fun and hands on class you will use that technique to make beautiful accessories! You will create accessories with different parts joined together (継ぎtsugi) using beautiful gold(金kin) lines!

You will make two pieces. Please choose from the below on the day:
- One pair of pierced earrings (or ear clips)
- One pendant top and one brooch

You can choose materials from ceramics, acrylic parts, Beach glasses and metal parts.

The Kintsugi technique you’ll learn is the similar to 500 years ago, but we use modern materials (epoxy glue instead of lacquer, brass powder instead of pure gold) which doesn’t need as many processes as the traditional one. The appearance of the final product made using the modern technique is very similar to that of a Kintsugi piece made using the traditional technique.

At the end of this class you can create your own accessories with broken ceramics, shells or glass from the beach, or even your treasures joined together!