Ryuou Arai

Ryuou AraiRyuou Arai is the third generation successor of Kin-ou school which is Traditional Japanese dance(Kenbu and Shibu) and song(Ginei) school. He started Ginei, Kenbu, and Shibu at the age of three and made his stage debut at the age of three on the Japanese theatre.

Since that time, he has practiced Japanese traditional entertainment almost every day. He has acquired his instructor license and as the third-generation successor of the Kinou School, is trying to make Kenbu, Shibu and Ginei more popular in other countries as well.

RyuouGin'ei, or Shigin, is a form of Chinese or Japanese poetry chanted. Kenbu is a sword dance performed to the accompaniment of Gin'ei. Shibu is a fan dance accompanied by Gin'ei singing.

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