Workshops - School Excursion

School Excursions

We are very pleased to have school excursions visit our ryokan and experience Japanese craft and culture.

Some of our instructors who present the workshops are available to prepare a suitable school program over 2-3 hours. The available hours are usually from 10:30am - 2pm. We have a short tour of Gojyuan with a little history of our rooms. This is usually followed by a 1-2 hour workshop then a break of 1 hour for lunch. If there is available time before leaving, we usually play a game eg. "Bouzu Mekuri".

We can offer the following sessions where there is a minimum number of 10 students and the maximum number of people for each visit is 16 including teachers and support staff.

The cost per person includes GST and a Tax Invoice is issued to the school.Our price is broken down into 3 components - 1) Venue hire, 2) Workshop / Talk Fee, 3) Optional lunch


1) Venue Hire $11.00

2) Workshop / Talk Fee
Wagashi ( Yukiko Hirano ) - $33.00 - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Furoshiki ( Yoshie Kumagai ) - $22.00 - Wednesday ( includes free furoshiki )
Origami ( Midori Furze ) - $22.00 - Any day depending on availability.
Temari ( Chihiro Kownacki ) - $44.00 - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Tea Ceremony ( Tae Gessner ) $22.00

For classes less than 10 students we can provide Japanese tea and wagashi and traditional Japanese games for $5.50.

A custom program can be designed but the cost will be higher per person that our standard group bookings.

3) Optional Lunch
The students can bring their own lunch or we can provide vegetarian temaki-zushi for an extra $16.50 per person. Alternatively, a temaki-zushi including seafood is available for $22.00 per person but is dependent on the minimum number of 10 students. Miso soup and Japanese tea is included in both lunch options.


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