Yubian ( 湯美庵 )

Yubian provides a unique and memorable experience. Hidden away from the chaos of the city and bustling life, time slows when you enter Gojyuan's doors. The tranquil scenes of lush gardens and bamboo swaying in the wind, allows the mind to let go of all tension. The calming effects of soaking in a Hinoki bath combined with the indulgent massage and facial treatments are the perfect way to soothe the body and spirit.

As our lives are becoming more hectic, it is important to be able to wind down and give back to ourselves. Our wellbeing is often low on our priorities but is essential to our health. A simple treament is the perfect way to alleviate the worries in life.

Yubian has a combination of meanings. 'Yu' 湯, represents our Hinoki bath and the benefits of cleansing the mind and body, 'bi'美, a reflection of our surroundings with your own inner beauty and 'an' 庵, a special place within Gojyuan.

Gift vouchers are available for purchase through Gojyuan.

Our opening times are Monday to Friday, 11am - 2pm. Please enquire if an alternative time is desired. Alternative times are available but are subject to availability. For any enquiries please contact us via email.

What To Expect

When you arrive at Gojyuan you will be welcomed into our lobby. After removing your shoes and putting on some comfortable slippers we will show you to one of our guest rooms. We ask to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled booking time to settle in. You will then be served some Japanese tea while we discuss your treatment.

Bella will be looking after you when you visit Yubian. She completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2010. She then continued working in a boutique beauty salon for 5 years managing the salon and often working solo. Her passion lies with ensuring the guests needs are met with utmost attention to create an experience they will never forget.

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