Illoura Reserve looking towards Darling HarbourLocal Attractions

If you are travelling by ferry then you will probably get off at East Balmain where you will see Illoura Reserve.

This is a lovely place for a picnic and a great spot for watching the New Year's fireworks. The ferries continue on towards Darling Harbour.


More of Illoura Reserve

Balmain has a rich history and you will find many historical buildings around East Balmain.

Sydney Ferries also publish some interesting harbour walks that will take you to all areas of our beautiful harbour. The Balmain History Trail is an interesting walk which will take you past Gojyuan in Darling Street.


Darling StreetIf you like hotels - and Balmain has a few, then please visit the Sydney Pub Guide for a list of the local venues.

Please check out what's on in Sydney for current exhibitions, festivals, galleries etc, or you can use Sydney City Search for movies, theatre, music, art.

If you are an overseas visitor or not from the local area, then you will find Sydney's weather conditions relatively mild.